My, My How Time Flies!

When we first posted this site my initial blogs included statements that I was distracted with a plethora of projects and issues soon to be completed, allowing me to focus on this website and various other accomplishments. Proving, once again, that God still has a great sense of humor, those initial projects and issues continued to multiply with no sign of slowing for quite some time, with much of my effort being consumed by the many lawsuits I filed against some of the people illegally using, quoting, and teaching materials I created. While much time was invested preparing to annihilate the violators at trial; once confronted with the evidence, the seriousness of their crimes, and probable court mandated financial re-numeration to be awarded, more than a dozen cases have either already been settled, or are in the final stages.

I have been in communication with the Federal Trade Commission for more than ten years now, as well as the court appointed receivers of my estate when I settled the case against Equinox. It has been a long, exhausting, and expensive road, but I am happy to announce the journey is now complete. Several years ago I received written verification from the receivers and the FTC that I did, and indeed still do, own the rights to all the materials I created, which are certainly substantial. In addition, I received all the video recordings of my seminars, trainings, and satellite shows, as well as all others events! But certainly the climax of this long arduous journey, (sounds a little like Trek Alliance, doesn't it?) occurred on January 4, 2011, which is the day when all contracts signed by Equinox representatives and Advanced Marketing Seminar attendees were finally turned over to me! As I now personally possess the hundreds of thousands of contracts everyone involved with Equinox and Advanced Marketing Seminars signed, stating that participants were well aware that I own the rights to all materials, and that they can not be used by anyone without my written permission, I am now prepared to move forward with many more filings against those who have, and continue to violate the law and my rights!

So, therefore, I again say unto thee, if you are using my material, it is far more intelligent and cost effective for you to inquire about legal use, than it is for you to defend a lawsuit; as a number of others can already attest. My research and preparation for these cases has already exceeded $500,000, which becomes part of the legal expenses owed to me by violating parties. So, if you have been using my stuff, are using my stuff, or would like to use my stuff, contact my office and explore the possibilities. If you know someone that is illegally using my stuff, contact my office. Your personal identity and information will be kept anonymous, and you will share a percentage of the voluntary settlement or court mandated reparations resulting from the information you provide.

Like some of those against whom lawsuits have already been filed, those using my material to teach and assist others in achieving success will likely discover I am rather reasonable, while those using my material to mislead unsuspecting victims into financial disaster will likely discover otherwise! I spent many years developing what many know to be the finest personal awareness, personal growth, and success training programs known to mankind. I believe all human beings can benefit from what I have developed and have no problem allowing that to take place provided it is done ethically, legally, and in good conscience.

For example, in pursuit of my case against Marc Accetta, I quickly discovered his intentions were in the right place even though his methods may have been questionable, as he initially failed to acquire the rights to share my material legally. While, like me and anyone who accomplishes great things, Marc most likely has his critics, but once we had the chance to talk, I quickly realized Marc’s supreme motivation was to share with others the life changing information that so drastically transformed his own life, so they might enjoy a similar transformation. I also had the chance to meet with several executives and business owners working with Marc and discovered their intentions and integrity certainly seemed sincere.

Alternately, I had the opportunity to meet with others who, unlike Marc, used, sold, and repeated my material illegally for years. Using the reputations I created for them in Equinox, they misled countless thousands of victims into paying to hear them illegally repeat my material while dragging them from one financial disaster to the next, all the while financing their fictitious lavish lifestyles with ticket sales to seminars and hundreds of thousands of dollars in up-front fees paid to them by various multi-level marketing companies in exchange for their large following of loyal distributors they claimed they could deliver.

In addition, several people, out of the countless number who have contacted this site, have made statements like, "The past is the past, leave it alone." Unfortunately, comments like that are being made out of ignorance. The past is not the past if my materials, and the reputations of wealth and success I personally am responsible for creating are still being used, more than ten years later, to illegally coerce innocent victims into paying money under false pretense that those using my material can actually lead them to financial success, when the facts demonstrate they are incapable of finding it for themselves! I certainly hope you agree that working with a quality company and helping others reach financial success is one thing, but proclaiming imaginary success, portraying fictitious lifestyles, making false statements, promoting misleading claims, and pretending to be financially successful as a result of skills, abilities, and production while living off seminar fees is another!

For many years my advice has been to never make decisions based on what people used to do, but instead make decisions on the result they have achieved from what they are doing now. It really doesn’t matter how big someone’s checks were ten years ago, it only matters what those checks are today. So before any of you blindly follow anyone, ask to see the current results they have to document their claims of success! Copies of checks and income claims from ten years ago, or a one-time bonus check, don’t count! Neither do pictures for that matter, as you will soon see!

Contrary to the unethical antics of some, my wife started her company, Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, more than 7 years ago. For more than four years, with the exception of our participation on conference calls, other people were responsible for operating and managing the company with little assistance from either of us. She took over operations of the company just three years ago. During those years, and with less than 25 representatives, her company received, and continues to receive, rave reviews from organizations across America, including receiving “The Business Woman of the Year Award” and being invited to Washington, D.C. to receive her award and have dinner with President George Bush. After 7 years of research and development, the company is finally prepared for national launch. Our plans for market domination required greater investments of time, talent, and responsibility than either of us initially imagined. Although we only worked with a couple dozen people during that time, many of them have already established substantial residual incomes, earning more now than they ever imagined, with several having already reached millionaire status in the process!

In the near future I will be unveiling many things, including affiliate websites containing all my previous trainings, seminars, and most requested material; permitting complete access to the archived information many of you have been requesting. In addition to viewing these materials, the opportunity to download content will also be available. But what is most exciting to me is having the opportunity to share the vast wealth of ideas, techniques, and training concepts I have been developing over the last ten years! Ideas and concepts that I have only shared with a select few individuals, who have experienced financial success beyond their wildest imaginations!

So, while progress may have been slower than anticipated, the distractions are now fewer, the projects more exciting, and the opportunities more expansive. We have just completed our very own video production studio, which I will be making good use of in the future, allowing me to communicate a tremendous amount of material I have never before revealed. So while over the past few years I have created a tremendous amount of training and personal growth material few have had the opportunity to view, in the near future we will be putting some of this content on YouTube, some on this website, some will be reserved exclusively for my wife's company, some for other companies for which I choose to develop customized material, and some will be exclusively shared with those of you who sign up to become members of this website by registering your email address in the Contact Section.

As usual, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that time is really the true essence of success, as it will always be the one thing none of us can ever get back, and the way we invest it determines the level of our success as well as the depths of our failure. Unfortunately, while we all have 24 hours in a day, few understand the difference between how time produces wealth for some, survival for many, and poverty for others. If you would like to understand more, or perhaps receive access to a video explaining this phenomenon, or if you have questions you would like answered to help increase your personal or business success, place your request in the Contact Section. You might receive an automated response, you may receive a response from me personally or, as others have been surprised to discover, I might just give you a call! With my new studio, your inquiry might even result in a video I produce, which I will forward to you.

Also, for the last few years all my trainings and seminars have been custom designed for specific companies and conducted in intimate surroundings, as I have had little interest in performing large events. As more people become aware of my emergence from the abyss, requests to attend programs have multiplied. If you are interested in attending upcoming training programs, or even bringing others with you, send a request for that information in the Contact Section as well!

From this point forward, I will do my best to see to it that this website is more active and more informative; with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter updated frequently!

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01:04 PM

For what I gather here in this blog with Equinox, all I've seen is the tip of the iceberg.... Mr. Gouldd show us the whole chunk of ice.

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03:03 PM

I'm very intrigued by your website. I followed some of these people you speak of for a few years. I saw what was happening and didn't want to associate myself with some of the happenings and left the company. I've rebuilt relationships I once had in my downline, some still will take some rebuilding... Nonetheless, I believe my heart and ambitions were in the right place. "Building a dream" is one thing, convincing someone to buy into yours is another... I've since gone on to create a pretty successful financial services clientel and I have to admit that some of the knowledge I learned from that time has leant itself with the relationships and personal habits I have created since. I believe a "Thank you" is in order. So thank you Mr. Gouldd. I look forward to keeping up with your new endeavors and wish you and the rest of us continued success in helping others do the same.

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09:57 PM

I would love to see what you have to offer. I would like to use some coaching so my Real Estate Business grows bigger than ever. What I learned in the past has helped this far.

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06:24 PM

I have always said if Mr Gouldd ever came back to teach I would listen and try my best to jump on board because he has done something right . I would love to be taught directly by him but Iknow that is not going to happen so I will look forward to seeing what materials he puts out and go from there . Thank you Mr Gouldd for your inspiration and knowledge you have passed down looking to learn more. Eric Collier

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01:18 PM

Dear Mr Gouldd, I was an independent rep in the first few years of Equinox (I still use the filters and need to order news ones) though I didn't make any money obviously because I didn't work the system I still grew. I signed up twice in Pocatello and a couple years later in SLC. I would drive a truck (With no AC in July) from Pocatello to Bountiful to listen to Kale Flagg. I also went to training in Denver and seen Mr Alden. My parents did not like me getting involved with Equinox and even ordered the video from New York afer you were on 20/20 with the that moron John Stossle who interviewed you. I was more upset with the reps who came forth who cried because they didn't make any money. Well it was thier fault for not working the system. Equinox products were hands down the best and still are. Thanks for all that you did for the entire industry. Corey Hall

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05:45 PM

Can't wait... Let get back to business.

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