A Letter From Jamie

To Mr. Gouldd & Teresa

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend, I truly appreciate your generosity in flying me out; I now need to live up to my end of the deal and get to work!

Please pass on my best regards to your husband, it was a real honor and pleasure to finally meet him. Having worked with Equinox for over 5 years, I had heard thousands of stories/rumors from so called “insiders” about Mr Gouldd and his so called “intimidating personality”, but after our first encounter (& hopefully not the last) I can honestly say that every one of them were seriously untrue and/or enormously twisted.

Meeting Mr Gouldd has been a goal of mine for many years, but I always wanted it to be on my terms and at the right time (i.e. when I felt I deserved it). I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Gouldd re-kindled once more, and much of the thanks must go to you for the kind invite.

Over the years I realized my lukewarm success with Equinox had nothing to do with anything but my own lack of focus, talent, work ethic or maybe even just time spent doing the business. I have never denied in fact always embraced the HUGE influence your husband has had on all my other businesses ventures, even when other family members have “pooh-poohed” the effect he so obviously has had on their careers.

I don’t wish to take up any more of your time, so thanks again to you and your husband for your kindness and here’s to all our continued successes.

Sincerely, Jamie Killeen

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