A Letter From Emily

To Mr. Gouldd & Teresa

My dad comes from a family of ten children. His oldest brother died, leaving him as the oldest at a very early age. His parents lived in a one bedroom house where my dad and his five other brothers slept in the attic of the garage, while all the sisters slept behind in the washroom.

My grandparents died in that house. They taught their kids to work hard and that is what my dad did. I remember him working from before we woke up until after we went to bed at night.

Growing up, my dad taught us to work hard but also to find someone who has what you want and do what they do. So in college I got up and worked a cleaning job from 3am to 8am. I went to college in the day and had a job after school training. I also sold roofing supplies on the weekends. I was begining to understand why my dad had three jobs and really bad health.

Luckily at 19 years old I walked into a company and met Mr. Gouldd. One of the first things I remember is him repeating some of the things my dad had said. But one difference is that he talked about success being like a map leading from Utah to Colorado. Even if I drove from Utah, really hard toward California, I was never going to get to Colorado. But by following a map, even if I just walked to Colorado, sooner or later I would get there successfully. But the exciting part was, not only was he going to give me this map, he said, "With skill comes speed." and he was going to teach me this skill. That was all it took. I did everything I could to build that skill and when I met my husband I put him in front of Mr. Gouldd. My husband learned the same things I did. His parents had also taught him to work hard but neither of our parents knew how to get the results they wanted for us.

Because of Mr. Gouldd's and his trainings, I was able to immediately stay home with our first child and now I am pregnant with number eight! I have been homeschooling all of my children with only my husband paying for their extra classes, supplies, music, sports, etc.

One of the most amazing things, is that I have a 5 year old autistic son who was functioning at the lowest of levels. He did not even know his name or that he had brothers and sisters. He had zero language skills and when his baby sister was born he was not even aware that she was in the same room with him, even when she cried! Fortunately, we were able to put him in the best program we could find, and it has rebuilt what he lost in his earlier years. A year after enrolling him into the program, he is running and yelling for his brother. He is playing and teasing his younger sister. Because we have been able to provide the best for our kids, they too have been able to turn "skill into speed". Our 13 year old, the oldest, is so far ahead that he has a private teacher teaching him college Calculus and Physics this year!

None of this would be possible if it weren't for the training I received from both of you. You taught us to look for the best, find what we wanted and then to go after it with all that we have. I truly love not only what you have done for me and my children, but of course what you've also done for my husband, Alex.

Love always, Emily

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