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April 20, 2010

Despite the fact that I have been living a life of seclusion and wonderment for more than ten years now, I will never forget the time Bill Guthy and Greg Renker knocked on the door of my Advanced Marketing office in San Diego California. It was the first training center Sheri Sharman and I opened together. For those of you yet to figure out who they are, Guthy-Renker hosts the vast majority of informercials on television! They were just getting started, which in its own right, irritated the crap out of me. A few years earlier I was vice president of the company that produced a show called, “Everybody’s Money Matters,” the first program to present nationwide informercials. Tony Hoffman hosted the show, which aired nightly on the Lifetime network, and had the typical “talk-show” set and format, where guests would come on and pitch their wares. Not only did guests pay handsomely to be on the show, but the company earned a percentage of all the products sold during and after the show, as well as fulfillment fees for shipping the products.

After explaining to Mr. Hoffman the value of incorporating network marketing into the show, the format was changed for Wednesday nights, as I joined Tony on the set. The Wednesday show included a training segment where I would teach success techniques I had developed, appropriately called, “Bill Gouldd’s Tips from the Top!” After the session, I would introduce the featured MLM company of the week, ending the show by opening up the phone lines for viewers to sign-up in the program and place orders for their products. Before the show, our company secured several pre-qualified distributorships under the MLM company, stacked one below the other, signing up all the interested viewers under the lower most reserved spot. The following week we would do the same for a different company.

Just to give you a hint, we placed almost 300,000 distributors in a company called Ideal “Z-Tel” in less than a week! Ideal “Z-Tel” was the nations first discount phone service provider! The Wednesday night show, which was my division of the company, began to produce more revenue than the other four nights combined! This caused Tony to decide to get involved in my division of the company, and that he was going to run it his way. Needless to say, when conflicts became the norm, I resigned my position and left the company. The show was cancelled and the company went under several months after my departure. Guthy-Renker now control a virtual infomercial dynasty, a dynasty I once had in the palm of my hands. Unfortunately, Tony Hoffman, the man who had the most to gain from my success, knocked that dynasty out of my hands, and right into Bill Guthy & Greg Renker’s pockets!

Anyway, “Knock, knock. Hi, I‘m Bill Guthy and this is Greg Renker. We have an informercial company and we are interested in talking with you about selling your training material on our show!” is about how our introduction went, or as close as I can remember. “No thanks, not interested.” I responded. Small talk ensued as I explained how I decided I never again wanted to be well known, promoted on TV, or famous. I then asked Mr. Guthy and Mr. Renker to follow me, as I escorted them back to our conference room, where I introduced them to Mr. Anthony Robbins, who was working in my sales force at the time. History was made that afternoon, as I had no doubt Tony would create the most profitable informercial in the history of infomercials, and he did!

My point to all this, is that I never wanted notoriety. I like my privacy, hate hearing phones ring, answering emails, or talking to people when I want to be doing something else! So you can probably imagine my protest when the guys in my tech department persistently suggested that I start a blog. My response to their suggestion was, “Why do I need a blog?” And their response was, “To communicate with people!” When I asked, “How does it work?” They said, “You set up a blog section on your website, then post a blog, or just blog, telling people what your doing, then they blog you back, and you can blog them back!” As I already stated I hate ringing phones, so their “blog, blog, blog,” sounded to me more like “blah, blah, blah!”

Being out of touch with so many of you for so many years, having never taken the opportunity to explain what happened to Equinox, or why I made the decisions I made, and now realizing the destiny of my wife’s company and the opportunity it presents to those of you lucky enough to be selected to participate, I have agreed to blog, blog, blog, hoping you will blog, blog, blog in return. Or not, and allowing me to live in peace is OK too!

Having the opportunity to spend time with former Equinox reps, teaching them some of the revolutionary techniques I have been developing for AGMS, I discovered the excitement I had buried deep inside myself. I found myself reliving the fun and excitement many of us shared in Equinox. While I resigned myself to never help broke people achieve great success ever again, I now realize that decision was made after witnessing the despicable conduct of those I trusted the most and helped the most. I realized the disease that actually destroyed Equinox was actually my fault, as their disgusting conduct could never have taken place, had I not stacked the rest of you under them. In essence, I force feed their wealth, success, and superiority in the company, which they obviously abused. Unfortunately, by the time I discovered what they were doing, the damage was done.

They had already purposely seeded the nation with angry people whom they had convinced to sign leases to open offices and place illegal product orders for 20, 25, & even 30 thousand dollars, abandoning them before the products arrived! This was done purposely, so that when they called the Federal Trade Commission to report they had, “left the company voluntarily, because of illegal activity,” there would be numerous disgruntled people ready to testify against Equinox, relating their horror stories of being front-loaded, mislead, and lied to by Equinox representatives in a court of law. Sadly, those responsible for that activity were terminated almost one year before the F. T. C. acted against the company. Thankfully, Trek Alliance was shut-down by the F. T. C. for the same illegal and unethical conduct and complaints just a year or so later! The sadder part of all this, is that some of you have actually been loyal followers of the very people that destroyed Equinox with their conduct, destroyed Trek Alliance, and destroyed a number of other companies you have blindly followed them into over the last ten years!

Nevertheless, I now realize that I held the contempt I had for their stupidity, arrogance, and greed against those of you who were loyal, hardworking, ethical participants who really believed in the mission of Equinox, by deciding to close the company. For that I am deeply sorry. My only hope is that you will please understand my situation. I had dedicated time away from my own children, time away from finding a loving relationship, and time away from living my life helping them achieve wealth and success, only to have them destroy all we had done, and I was exhausted!

I have had ten years to enjoy all those things I had been missing and both my wife and I are emerging with an energy, passion, and enthusiasm neither of us have ever felt before. She is running her company, AGMS. My consultation services are available to her and her company management whenever needed. While I am personally working on numerous other businesses and opportunities, including full development of this website and the most advanced, state-of-the-art sales training and personal development programs ever devised, which can be custom tailored for specific businesses, and available through my company Peak Performance Consulting Services.

As my wife’s company was the first to contract the services of Peak Performance, AGMS will always remain a priority. Meaning that this time around, I will be available to all participants in AGMS who show true personal potential. I have already outlined the most sophisticated training program ever devised, and licensed her company to have the exclusive rights to use that material. I have also patented several products her company has exclusive rights to market.

On top of all that, for quite sometime we will continue posting more information on this website, as we have hundreds of hours of material to post. We will also be hosting a website called AMS which, although it is a “dead-link” temporarily, but will be the site where all my training material, hundreds and hundreds of hours of my best stuff, including satellite show excerpts, regional training excerpts, perpetual characters, messages of the month, and specific recorded programs like, “Pursuing the American Dream through the Subtle Art of Successful Selling!” as well as updated and exclusive material I have been developing over the last 10 years, will be available for your viewing pleasure!

We are also planning the launch of BG University. If you ever imagined spending personal time in small group settings, learning how to do what I do, and practicing what you’ve learned, as I coach you and the others on the techniques I never revealed to anyone in the past, BG University is where you’ll want to be! This is, with-out-a-doubt, what I am most excited about! I know that there are thousands of you who have never had the chance to work with me directly, because, without exception, the so called “leadership” were desperately afraid you would kick their asses if you ever had the chance to work with me directly and learn what I tried to teach them. If you are interested in building a large sales organization, teaching a large sales organization, or motivating a large sales organization to record setting heights, then you will love being part of BG University! You will have the chance to complete projects and exercises in small groups, work one-on-one with me, and not only receive personal coaching to fine tune your skills, but witness my coaching of others. This will help you gain a better understanding of many things you may not even realize exist! But, I definitely saved the best past for last! Those of you who excel with this program will have the opportunity to leave fully licensed to legally use my material to build your wealth and success!

Anyone who is interested in BG University can notify me by going to the contact portion of this site and use the website “feedback” form, where you can leave your information.

So, after all this time, I bid you hello, welcome, and blog, blog, blog.

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03:05 PM

This is great. Cannot wait to work closely with Mr. Gouldd again. AGMS and Mr Gouldd will make history.

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11:55 AM

I don't know about the rest of you but I can't wait to see the new AMS site!! I have tried for the last 10 years to find any training material you have done in the past with no luck. There is not anything out there that even comes close to MR Gouldd's training techniques. I have some material from when I was with Equinox, but nothing like the perpetual characters ie: the prospector, the fisherman. I will be checking the site daily for the AMS link to be active. THIS IS GREAT MR GOULDD TRAINING!! TOO EXCITED FOR WORDS!!

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04:05 PM

I have so many fond memories of my time with Equinox & Mr. Gouldd. When my mom sent me a link to the site I jumped out of my seat with excietment. I would very much like to learn more from Mr. Gouldd and I anxiously await a response.

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08:58 AM

Mr. Gouldd, I can't believe it. Let me 1st say I was a loyal follower of Bill Gouldd and I learned early in my Equinox days (1995-1997) that everyone else had learned from you and there had to be a whole hell of a lot going on that the masses did not know. I still hav 8 cassette tapes from Message of the Month Series called "Keeping the Dream Alive in 95" and that's all I have left from my glory days as I call them. I've seen many former Equi-nuts do well in the industry and become somewhat prominent, even some I worked with personally in the DC Metro area. But, what I have yet to see, and I STILL do til this day, is give credit where credit is due! I don't want to make this long, but just a bit more, please. At Journey in Scottsdale Arizona in 1997, You said, " In 5 years most of you will not be here, but you will go on to be successful and it will be because of Equinox and what you've learned here." That was me which I didn't know at the time. After all the whoopla i got into Real Estate in late 1997, made millions before the age of 30 and had a 500k month, got divorced lost it all and did't work for 2 years, started a mortgage business that was about the 3rd or 4th largest in Maryland, had several months in 400k range, and of course lost it all with the crash. Now i'm rebuilding again for the third time doing consulting with the government with my company TLZ Group, LLC, and referring back to my old training material. I'm definitely interested in all the material and more importantly BG University!!!! What do I do? I would love to learn directly from you, since I made many millions learning from the underlings, I should be able to reach my goal of being the first Native American Billionaire!!!

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03:47 PM

Hey Bill great to see that you are back. I have registered.

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05:12 AM

I had the honor of working with several of the manufactures as AMS volunteer staff. Those relationships carried past the closing of Equinox. Because of that, I was able to build a traditional water filtration sales company selling their product line and did well, especially in the commercial office markets in Washington, DC.

The events of 9/11 killed 10 years of work. Most companies held their non-essential service contracts and my residual business and new sales dried up. I went back into events production and photography, but with no real long term goals.

Just over five years ago, my wife and I were having dinner with another old Equinox products provider, and we were reminiscing about the high energy and awesome motivation of the old trainings Mr. Gouldd would produce. I always thought it would be great to attend a ‘generic’ version, (BG University) of his trainings 3 or 4 times a year just to get back on track and stay focused.

I dropped my salad fork when I heard Mr. Gouldd was back working to help build his wife’s company and personally conducting trainings for her! Talk about a gift from heaven. I could not wait to find out more.

When I attended the next training I found a core group of AMS and Equinox ‘faithful’ and they made feel right at home instantly.

Your inspiration and energy has helped me to not only, from the movie “A Knights Tale", “Change my stars” financially, it has helped to motivate me to work through, and stay on track with my personal health issues as well.

I am again proud to represent, and honored to help build something I believe in. Thank you and Teresa both for believing in me.

All the best,


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