Faith & The American Dream

April 20, 2010

I often wonder why some people’s lives seem as though they are filled with doubt and desperation, while the lives of others seem filled with passion and prosperity. Personally, I just can’t help but feel like I am the luckiest person on earth. Regardless of the tumultuous experiences I have been forced to face in my lifetime, the hand of God always seems to be there to guide me back to where I belong. I can’t help but believe it comes down to my favorite biblical passage, “Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.” I have always believed that parables taken from the bible were never meant to be taken literally, as many believers attempt to do, rather they are to offer valuable lessons that can be applied universally. For example, I am certain most Catholics would agree the pope certainly is a strong believer, with the summation of his faith certainly exceeding the size of a tiny mustard seed, which is equivalent to about the size of the head of a large pin, yet no pope in history has ever moved the mountains.

What I understand this passage to mean, is that a person who only has a little faith, can move obstacles out of their lives. The problem most people face, is that they think they believe, when they really don’t. They don’t realize that it is not about going to church, tithing, or how often one may pray. It is completely about the fact that when one truly does have faith, even a little bit, it is impossible to have doubt at the same time. Many people say they have faith and believe they have faith, but then they worry, live in fear, and suffer from anxiety. Regardless of the challenges I faced, I can proudly say that I never lost my faith in God, or my faith that God knew what was best for me, irrespective of what I may have wanted to think. I faced my predicament knowing it was nothing more than God’s creative way of masquerading his testing of my faith.

I decided to give away almost 100 million dollars in cash and assets, I decided to close my company, despite the F. T. C. requesting I keep it operating, and regardless of my future earnings, which would easily be in the billions by now. I can't help but believe most people would be simply devistated, if they ever worked hard enough, were smart enough, and lucky enough to achieve the level of financial success I enjoyed, and losing it all due to the unethical behavior of those they made wealthy! But, I can honestly say, I never once lost my faith. Sure there were times I couldn't imagine a positive outcome, but that is why it is called "faith" and not called "knowing."

In return I gained many miracles. I am married to the love of my life, the most incredible, sexiest, beautiful, loving wife any man could ever be blessed to marry. She has given me two of the most amazing children, more love then I ever knew existed, and relationships with my two oldest daughters I had always hoped to enjoy. Each of those things are priceless to me in their own right, and worth far more than all I willingly surrendered. Rebuilding our financial success, which is rapidly approaching, or possible already exceeds, where it once was, just adds to our blessings. Accomplishing our financial success without recruiting people into MLM’s, doing endless meetings, or traveling all the time, has made our lives just that much more enjoyable!

On top of all that, business opportunities seemed to come out of nowhere, allowing us to regain the financial success I so willingly surrendered. My wife then discovered an incredible business outside of multi-level marketing, and persisted until I agreed to consult with her. With my assistance negotiating on her behalf, and developing a few patented products, the success, personal profits, and income earned by the participants will easily dwarf the success and profits of Equinox! Regardless of what happened in the past, I love everything about my life and wouldn’t change the past even if I could. It’s just too bad so many people go through life believing they believe, and fearing their fear, without ever understanding the keys to an incredible life were given to all of us thousands of years ago.

I also find that this scenario applies to the people we meet. So often the guidance I needed to get back on track came from people I never would have expected to learn from. People I am forced to consider angels by the mere vastness of their influences in my life. When faced with one of the scariest moments in my life, I will never forget calling a man I had respected deeply for many years. I could not see a future past my situation, yet he calmed my fears in seconds and my vision instantly returned.

I had purchased a yacht a few years earlier, and I will never forget the first time I took it out of the marina. I was moving out of the marina at idle speed when I heard the most vile cursing and screaming. It was coming from a large sail boat tied to the dock. The occupants were screaming that the ripples from my yacht were rocking their boat. The amazing thing was that their screaming didn’t phase me in the least, as my mind instantly began considering what kind of idiot would live on a boat, if they hated to rock!

When I made the call, I began explaining my situation in vivid detail, only to be cut short while trying to relate my story. He said to me, “You’ve ridden in a boat before haven’t you?” As I mumbled the word “yes” he said, “Well, hell boy, you can’t expect to go anywhere in your boat without making waves, and any asshole on the dock is gone-a get pissed off when you do! You have a choice to make boy, get going where you want to go in your life, make the waves, and tell those idiots on the dock to fuck-off; or get out of the boat and go sit on the dock with those jerk-offs. But make your choice and never look back, let me know how it goes!”

The next thing I heard was the “click” of the phone hanging up!” Instantly I felt like he never listened to my problem. A few seconds later I realized I had just received another message from God, granted from one of the least attractive angels ever, but I got that parable loud and clear! My fear disappeared, I assembled a game plan, and a few years later I was 100 times better off than when the problem first reared its ugly head. Looking back, without that problem, I would still be working for a living. All of us have certainly heard the expression, “God works in mysterious ways.” How come so few of us ever learned to listen?

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Nate Auffort

07:10 AM

Happy Birthday Sir! Today I celebrate the Birthday of someone who has impacted thousands of people's lives in a positive way, and has changed my destiny FOREVER! In my life, you truly are the greatest man I have ever met. Thank you so much in believing in me and having FAITH in me when no one else did. Especially when so many others in the past who you believed in let you down so horribly.

My whole life I have been told by my parents, grandparents, friends, people at church, and most of all my teachers, “Nate, you have so much potential but you are throwing your life away. I was always in trouble at school for goofing off or talking in class. I was told I needed to learn to pay attention, but in reality, I was just BORED! I dropped out of college before my Junior year, ending up waiting tables for a living. Mr. Gouldd, you were the FIRST person to see the potential I had always been told I had, take it and ACTUALLY SHOW ME WHAT TO DO WITH IT!!!!

It is funny how God’s timing isn’t always “our timing”. I had worked so hard for 5 years in your last company with the hopes and dreams that one day I would have the opportunity and honor to have a personal relationship, and work directly with you. Unfortunately those dreams were cut short when you closed your last company. After that, I desperately searched to find someone who could teach me what you had taught them to become successful.

Despite finding and working with people you had trained in the past, assuming they actually learned and applied what you had taught them, I found myself following and listening to their advise on how to achieve wealth, while only to find myself going deeper and deeper in debt, almost losing everything, and to my amazement finding out that they were not too far behind. It took almost 10 YEARS to finally realize that the people you had poured your life into, teaching the keys to success and creating wealth in their lives far beyond their mind could handle or even comprehend, had little or no interest in helping me or others to achieve the very success that you had helped them to achieve, but rather using what “little” they did learn for their own greed, to manipulate, intimidate, lie and even steal from hundreds of us who thought they held the keys to wealth.

I will never forget the day a friend of mine called me to tell me that he had heard that you came out of retirement. The dreams that were once cut short were given new birth. For the past 5 years I have had the privilege of working directly with you and getting to know you personally. I have learned countless things from you that have changed my life forever for the better. I have learned what miracles really are, and have seen them take place on many of occasions in my very own life. I have watched my lifestyle change in ways that I always wished, but never dreamed really would. I have grown more as a person in the last 5 years working with you, than the past 35 years that I have been on this planet combined!

You have shown me what wealth REALLY is, and how I can actually achieve it. I have learned that people aren't always who you thought they were, that the biggest obstacles in your life can be God's way of seeing if you are truly worthy of his rewards, and that tragedy can lead to triumph. I have learned that, with a positive attitude and a willingness to TAKE ACTION, everything will work out in the end. Most important of all, I have learned that you, Mr. Gouldd, care more about the success of the people you work with, than I could have of EVER imagined.

As I told you in the past, the first time I ever saw you speak I made the vow that some day, I would know you and work with you. You have impacted my life in so many ways, including teaching me what, "Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains" TRULY means!!!

Being mentored by you truly defines the meaning of PRICELESS!

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Kimberly Gilmore

02:37 AM

Not much for writing emails.
This story has changed my thinking in a matter of seconds. Your wise words I have listened to for the past 2 years while in AGMS. Now I have been awakened! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. GOULDD.

Kim Gilmore

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