The True Story

April 20, 2010

I sincerely want to offer my apologies and say how truly sorry I am to anyone who was mislead, lied to, or manipulated by the people I thought were my friends and whom I promoted as "leadership". I am now well aware of how they misused their positions, thwarted their power, and instead of building the wealth of others, as I had done for them, they continued to feed their own greed, eventually leaving a legacy of abuse from coast-to-coast.

The amazing transformations I saw take place, the shortsightedness, envy, lust and despicable conduct of those I created the most wealth for, was nothing short of appalling, causing me to re-evaluate every aspect of my life. After I decided to close Equinox, and after I decided not to start the new company I spoke of on the last conference call when I announced the closure of Equinox, the reasons for which are revealed in the Expose’ of Laurie Rubidge, which can be found on this site, I spent almost ten years re-evaluating everything we did right and what little went wrong.

About the only consultation I can offer those of you who were hurt by the company, some of you who I know, like me, lost everything, as a result of the despicable conduct of those who earned the most, is that the most successful people in our new company are from Equinox International. The new opportunity was launched nationally on April 20, 2010 at 2:20 PM pacific time, the exact moment of the ten-year anniversary of when Equinox was closed. The new company has shattered records and gained national notoriety despite our stealth intentions. The new business is not MLM, and the top money earners are already poised to easily out earn even the biggest money makers in Equinox with real residual incomes unlike any MLM can ever provide. If you would like to take a glimpse as to why, check out, which is accessible from this website.

As the success of those involved is far more important than explaining the past, I am currently working diligently, as the development of our new opportunity has required far more time and effort than I had ever imagined. On a positive note, the potential of the opportunity has continued to expand exponentially, as well. While my commitment to our new endeavor supercedes my ability to develop this site as fast as I would like, I can assure all of you, whether it takes weeks, months, or even years, I will continue to develop this site whenever humanly possible. As I said before, whether you are a friend or a foe, whether you accept responsibility for your actions or decide to spend your life blaming me, you will be amazed at the information and documentation that I will continue to reveal.

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06:42 PM

Mr. Gouldd,

I recently purchased some of your Equinox training material (Perpetual, Millionaire Workshop, and Basic) and I have to say that you are the absolute best in the MLM industry period. It is unbelieveable how much ahead of the game you were and how much of a visionary you are. I find it pretty amazing how many of the people that had the true priviledge of being under your leadership that they have gone to the top of other companies. And that is due to your training and leadership.

It is a true shame what those ungrateful people did to you and now look at most of them. I truly wish that I had gotten in to the industry when you were present. I cannot begin to tell you how much I desire to be able to work with you under your mentorship and leadership. Through your trainings, you have really helped to shape my vision and who I have become. I truly thank you.

A Million blessings goes out to you and your family. I wish you the absolute BEST. You deserve it.

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09:17 PM

I would love to purchase some of your training DVD's and CD's. You are my favorite trainer!! Equinox was my First MLM company I joined. I"ve been networking ever since. thanks!! FIRED UP!! Trudy

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07:24 PM

I would like to buy all of your stuff - is there any way I could purchase some training from you? That would be really cool.
-David Wood

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02:58 AM

I would also like to purchase some of the training videos! I have always said that it was the best training experience I have ever had the pleasure of attending! I would like to buy all of the trainings if possible!

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12:18 AM

Mr. Gouldd,

I was introduced to Equinox in 1995 and was one of those who did'nt see the opportunity the first time in a briefing, one day I met this friend who was involved and told me, "You need to come with me to this Basic Building Blocks seminar". I told him I was not interested and to leave me alone, then he said I'll pay for you to go. Then it hit me, it must be pretty important deal for him to spend that kind of money on a guy who wanted nothing to do with that industry.

Well, I went and it changed my life till this day, I believed in your teachings and leadership knowledge and have continued to utilize what I have learned in my career. I'm glad to see you back working and would love to be a part of what you are doing now with AGMS.

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07:03 AM

I am really enjoying all your pictures...I was with you when you were with NSA, and was there when Equinox first launched, but left not too long after that....did not realized how HUGE & successful Equinox had sad to hear what is very interesting....looking forward to more pictures and the story of what taught us "there are 2 sides to a story and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle..." - very curious to hear the 'TRUTH'.....Blessings to you!

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07:27 PM

Mr. Gouldd,
My wife Stacey and I were talking tonight about the day two years ago when you and Teresa invited us into your home in Boca two years ago and how gracious and giving of your time and friendship you have been ever since. One of my goals when I first started in Equinox was to some day have personal time with you. I wanted to learn from you on a direct level. In the last two years I have learned from you more than I can ever repay. You have spent time with us helping us develop our company and helping us to become extremely successful not only in our business but in our relationship with each other, with our son, and with the many people we come into contact every day. Our company has grown tremendously and I can 100% say that because of that one afternoon two years ago where you helped us realize we could accomplish anything we set out to do!

You know I worked with others who you taught and have never achieved anywhere near the kind of success I have with you as my mentor and guide! You and Teresa are what Stacey and I strive to be every day because we see how you deal with everyone you come into contact with. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and encourage anyone who reads this to take advantage of the opportunity to work with you because it has changed every aspect of our lives in a very short time!!

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Bill Gouldd

05:55 PM


You are too kind. After what I went through with Equinox you are well aware of how intent I am in screening those I spend time with. You and your family are the rare but quality people I still have faith in as human beings and look forward to getting through the massive amount of work ahead of me with all the projects I am working on so we can enjoy some relaxed personal time. Thanks, BG

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