The True Story

April 20, 2010

I sincerely want to offer my apologies and say how truly sorry I am to anyone who was mislead, lied to, or manipulated by the people I thought were my friends and whom I promoted as "leadership". I am now well aware of how they misused their positions, thwarted their power, and instead of building the wealth of others, as I had done for them, they continued to feed their own greed, eventually leaving a legacy of abuse from coast-to-coast.

The amazing transformations I saw take place, the shortsightedness, envy, lust and despicable conduct of those I created the most wealth for, was nothing short of appalling, causing me to re-evaluate every aspect of my life. After I decided to close Equinox, and after I decided not to start the new company I spoke of on the last conference call when I announced the closure of Equinox, the reasons for which are revealed in the Expose’ of Laurie Rubidge, which can be found on this site, I spent almost ten years re-evaluating everything we did right and what little went wrong.

About the only consultation I can offer those of you who were hurt by the company, some of you who I know, like me, lost everything, as a result of the despicable conduct of those who earned the most, is that the most successful people in our new company are from Equinox International. The new opportunity was launched nationally on April 20, 2010 at 2:20 PM pacific time, the exact moment of the ten-year anniversary of when Equinox was closed. The new company has shattered records and gained national notoriety despite our stealth intentions. The new business is not MLM, and the top money earners are already poised to easily out earn even the biggest money makers in Equinox with real residual incomes unlike any MLM can ever provide. If you would like to take a glimpse as to why, check out, which is accessible from this website.

As the success of those involved is far more important than explaining the past, I am currently working diligently, as the development of our new opportunity has required far more time and effort than I had ever imagined. On a positive note, the potential of the opportunity has continued to expand exponentially, as well. While my commitment to our new endeavor supercedes my ability to develop this site as fast as I would like, I can assure all of you, whether it takes weeks, months, or even years, I will continue to develop this site whenever humanly possible. As I said before, whether you are a friend or a foe, whether you accept responsibility for your actions or decide to spend your life blaming me, you will be amazed at the information and documentation that I will continue to reveal.

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Keeping It Real

11:57 AM

Bill Gouldd is an awsome trainer and leader. I worked for Equinox years ago and went to several trainings. I've been able to apply the training I received in my life and new career.

I am happy Mr. Gouldd is getting back into the mix because he's too good of a person for others to not have the fortune of interacting with him. I've been wondering about him for years but figured he'd keep it moving forward.

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06:51 PM

Mr. Gouldd, I also want to thank you for your teachings, cassette tapes and inspiration from my 2 years working with Advanced Marketing Seminars and Equinox. I constantly hear your lectures in my head as I now build my own small business. It is invaluable knowledge, unfortunately none of it is taught in school. Relationships, Business, Marriage, Opposite Sex, Goal Setting. This is what should be taught in the public school systems!

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12:50 PM

I remember my first encounter with Equinox and Mr. Gouldd; I was so impressed, and convinced that MLMs, entrepreneurship, and personal motivation/development were the keys to true happiness and success. My favorite video from Mr. Gouldd was Coaching The American Dream; it really motivated me to take my success seriously. Years later I found out where true success comes from, and I am finally experiencing a truly transformed life . . . May God bless Mr. Gouldd, and all who read this.

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03:42 PM

Mr Gouldd, I'd truly like to say thank you. I was 18 when i joined equinox i never really i made any money in in the 1 year i was there, but what you have thought me i could not put put value in it, thanks to your training and vision i travel around the world always work for my self and tried to inspired others i truly like to say thank you, i have been waiting for you to pop up, I'm so glad to see you and getting everything straight. Visionary's like yourself never stay low to long, there's a lot of people who admired what you taught many of us. Thanks. Your Friend, Frankie Lopez

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07:55 AM

I was 19 when I first learned about Mr. Gouldd and Equinox. I was a lost kid with no hope of a good future. I feel like he is my mentor and I am so glad and I am not surprised to see him back in action. GO MR. GOULDD!

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03:39 PM

Mr. Gouldd,

Your trainings were a powerful spark that helped light a frenzy of immovable faith and passion for manifesting the most interesting and profound life I could imagine. I'm absolutely the most fortunate Equniox distributor that ever lived. BBB, Journey and all the other workbooks, etc... are still right there on my bookshelves and they're worth MORE THAN their weight in gold.

I just happened to give a video testimonial of you and your trainings with a friend (Shannon Burnett) that was recently at my house from a road trip. She was in Equinox and we were both in Riikka Lavoie's group. This was a few days ago BEFORE Shannon even told me about your new venture. I'm very excited to see you again.

I can post a link to the interview/testimonial so you can see it if you want.

Take care and God Bless,
Aaron Murakami

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04:18 PM

Mr Gouldd!! Very Very nice to see you back in action again! I had the pleasure of working with Equinox from the Nashville office in Len Chute's group. Although my time with the company was short (18 months), I made it to the level of Supervisor (almost Director). I still own your training tapes to this day and still watch them for new inspiration and encouragement. During my time I had the opportunity to see your training in person in New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Chicago. To this day I swear it was the best sales training I've ever experienced. Currently I sell Real Estate and New Cars and still use what you taught me in this industry. I remember your conference call when Equinox was closed, I was sitting in the same room as Laurie Rubidge and Len Chute in the Nashville office. That was not a good day. Laurie had been working out of our office for a couple of weeks prior to that conference call, I didn't realize that some people had done wrong by the company. I pray they reap what they sowe. I'll keep an eye on the site for any new news, VERY excited to see you BACK!!!

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07:55 PM

Wow. I have looked for you online for many years...wondering what ever came of you... I was a full-time desk renting, every weekend training attending, 12 hour a day in the office worker, doing the full blown Equinox deal.
I was nearing the end of my rope when it all went down. But I never blamed you for any mistakes or bad decisions I made along the way. I think you are a mesmerizing, incredible, wise, passionate individual. I will never forget the Las Vegas, Perpetual Money Machine event in taught/performed until like, 2 in the morning in front of 8,000 people! You definitely changed my thinking for the better. I have a pretty incredible life right now and a better than average attitude because of you. I listened to your tapes for hours on end...when I should have been doing business maybe but still, I still hear your words in my head..."thoughts are things" "Where are you going to be in 5 years?" "short term pain for long term gain"...all of your lessons served a purpose in my life.
I am elated that you found love and joy in your life.
Thank you!

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