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April 20, 2010

This section is reserved for the many individuals I have trained, worked with, or who have otherwise gained access to a vast array of educational, motivational, and inspirational material I personally developed over the last 25 years. For the majority of them their sad stories began as a result of them earning far more money working with me then their egos and intelligence were capable of handling. Since that time, I believe many of these ungrateful people have been forced to use my material illegally, simply to survive financially.  They are obviously incapable of reproducing the financial success they experienced while working in my company, running ads I wrote, reading scripts I wrote, playing videos I produced, marketing products I developed, promoting seminars I created, and cashing checks I paid them for doing so.

Since they are incapable of building a successful company, large sales force, or loyal following, many of them having already gone through a dozen or more opportunities since last working with me, while professing to be success trainers, life coaches, and motivational speakers. Amazingly, they continue to illegally repeat my protected materials, acting like they can lead others to financial success, when they can't seem to locate it for themselves. That is why we call them, "The Imposters!"

The true story of the demise of Equinox International is a twisted tale of lies, greed, and deceit. While the exposes' posted may offer hints of the actual events which led up to the demise will still be shocking, even to the most uninterested. I now fully understand the true meaning of the biblical quote; "The love of money is the root off all evil."

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11:30 PM

My wife and I built a good salesforce in Equinox due to Bill Gouldd's trainings. Our upline was trainer Ray Pearson. What a lieing self centered bastard he was. One time he told us that if we bring a certain amount of new people to his training in Arizona he would have dinner with us. We packed a few vehicle's and drove from LA to Arizona, paid our money for the basics, and approached Ray as a large group. He blew us all off. Needless to say the new people were crushed. Thankfully Mr Gouldd showed up at the BBB and gave us his time. I would love to work with Bill Gouldd again in his new adventure.

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09:25 PM

I am a former Equinox distributer and you know I meet Kale Flag and laurie and a few others and yes they wanted nothing to do with any questions I had for them . I tried doing it on my own and on a limited budget and part time selling the products I stayed even. I would like to be able to work with Mr Gouldd again . looking forward to any of his ventures.

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